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Repurposing Fabulous Fantasia 3 Florals Alongside Com:post

In March 2024 we were delighted to be able to repurpose thousands of flowers from this years Fantasia 3 Floral Extravaganza hosted by Amie Bone. The 3 day luxury floral & event masterclass hosted at Waddesdon Manor combined the work of numerous world class florists and designers to create a divine wonderland of flowers, with the theme of heaven & hell providing a show stopping mix of drama and beauty. The Butterfly Ball at the end of the event welcomed hundreds of attendees to experience the floral extravaganza, and a staggering £1.2million was raised in the Gala by the Fantasia team for charity. Thank you to Amie Bone and well done to all involved!

A huge thank you for helping us access this event goes to the phenomenal team of Hannah Martin & Fiona Knowlton from Com:post. Their new service provides a brilliant way for florists and event companies to turn their floral waste into compost, bringing even more sustainability to the industry.

We joined the Com:post team on site through the event de rig where we collected thousands of flower heads to be repurposed into to confetti, and the Com:post team removed all other floral waste to be turned into compost. With 75,000 flowers being used at the event it was a pleasure for us to be able to access and repurpose so many flowers for confetti, whilst the Com:post team collected 1.7 tonnes of green waste to be composted and re used by the next growers.

We strongly encourage all florists to check out the service that Com:post provide, with the combination of our ability to repurpose the petals into confetti and their ability to compost all other green waste meaning we can fully close the loop of repurposing and recycling flowers after use, leaving nothing to waste.

We cannot wait to work on more events with the brilliant Com:post team to provide a closed loop way of repurposing used flowers, whilst raising thousands for charity. Thank you Hannah & Fiona!


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