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Confetti Club London is run by two siblings, Toby and Genni Shouls, along with some fabulous volunteers who help process our large donations.

A tribute to Izzy Eagland
25 June 1996- 09 March 2023

The Confetti Club not for profit would never have taken off in the way in which it has without us being graced by Izzy Eagland's introduction to our lives.
We received a message from Izzy in 2022 asking to volunteer in support of our project, despite having herself been diagnosed with Melanoma the previous year.
Izzy was fundamental in supporting this project and without doubt provided the spark, inspiration and insight to allow our not for profit to grow and help raise thousands for other people suffering in the same way. Izzy's work with the National Wedding Show meant we were fast-tracked into the spotlight. And we have not looked back since.
Izzy was the most brave person we have ever met and the joy, kindness and sunshine she brought into our lives cannot be surpassed.

We all miss you Izzy. 

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If you have flowers to donate, a question about buying your confetti or anything else, please do get in touch.  

Please share your high resolution confetti pictures to:

Thanks for messaging us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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