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Vogue World Fashion Show Flower Collection

In September 2023 we were delighted to work with extraordinary florists Bloominghaus to collect 20,000 red roses from the Vogue World fashion show at the iconic Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. The Bloominghaus team worked tirelessly to create a wall of red roses that made for a red carpet spectacle like no other, what a way to arrive in style!

This red carpet event featured numerous leaders within the world of fashion and entertainment, and it was our pleasure to be invited by Bloominghaus to repurpose these delightful roses after their use, saving 20,000 of them from the compost heap. This was our first time collecting flowers from the Bloominghaus team, and since then they have continued to support our flower recycling initiative by frequently donating a huge number of flowers. We are very grateful to have the support of such a wonderful floristry team!

Check out the Bloominghaus blog about their partnership with Confetti Club here.

Check out the Vogue article written with Bloominghaus that highlights their work and partnership with us here.


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