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Our work isn't only about putting huge smiles on people's faces. In fact, this is just the added bonus that comes with having flowers thrown at you.


This initiative was started purely to raise money for charity, but it does make us smile to see you smile too.  


Our focus is on donating raised funds to cancer charities, a cause close to our hearts after founder Genni's husband had an aggressive cancer diagnosis age 32.


Sadly this story is more common than we like to think, with most people knowing someone battling cancer or who has lost someone to cancer. We hope that by doing our small part, we can support charities that improve patient treatments and wellbeing.


We have seen first hand the incredible work of charities including Macmillan and Cancer Research UK, both of whom we are proud to have donated to.

Before cancer became part of our lives, we were donating to other wonderful programmes, including:


Healing Little Hearts, a programme sending cardiac surgeons to third world countries to perform life-saving surgery. Our founder, Genni, who works as a Congenital Cardiologist, and could appreciate the incredible work that this team does. 

Reclaim the Streets (the fundraiser for Women's health after the tragic death Sarah Everard in London)

Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal to support those displaced by the war

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