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Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus Leaves

PriceFrom £10.00



    Beautiful mixed eucalyptus leaves. Dried eucalyptus is perfect for throwing confetti, table decor, crafts, aisle runner decoration, etc. Best used within 2 months so the colour is retained. Store in cool, dry and dark area. Please note that each pot may be slightly different depending on our eucalyptus donations.


    • 1 litre of eucalyptus = approximately 10 single handfuls.
    • So 10 litres of eucalyptus = approximately 100 handfuls, suitable for 100 guests and a beautiful and delicate eucalyptus throw/lining.
    • To get an extremely dramatic throw, please go for 2 handfuls per guest, so 1 litre per 5 guests attending. 
    • Minimum order 3 litres.

    Date eucalyptus is needed:

    Please select the month of use and write the exact date you will use your eucalyptus as we will wait until 4 weeks before this date to dispatch the order to help ensure the leaves are in the best condition for the day.


    Orders are avaible to be made for weddings up to December 2024, with available months showing. Please join our pre-order list if your wedding is in 2025.


    Delivery price:

    Free deliery for all UK orders that are needed in over 3 weeks' time. Please choose EXPRESS delivery (£8.95) for orders needed in less than 3 weeks' time to ensure safe arrival.

    £15.00 delivery for all inernational orders.


    Need your eucalyptus quickly?

    We usually have a 2 day dispatch time for our eucalyptus orders, however please message us if you need your confetti very quickly and we'll help where possible.

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